To help entrepreneurs achieve their goals through the implementation of exceptional design based on a solid foundation of strategic and creative thinking.

With a powerful combination of extensive experience in both Graphic Design and Marketing, PJem Creative can provide you with top-level services and guidance on a range of business needs. PJem Creative exists to help you take your business dreams, goals, and desires  to the next level.


About Jess

Since the day I was born, it has been obvious that I am of the creative persuasion. Drawn to beauty and colour, collecting all things stationery, glittery or crafty, scribbling, painting, illustrating and doodling all through my maths and english books… So as it happens, some would say naturally, I found myself a career as a Graphic Designer.

Over the years I climbed the experience ranks from Junior Designer, up the ladder to Senior Graphic Designer, all the while pursuing continued education in design, marketing and all things that cross the path of a curious creative.

Eventually I was presented with an opportunity to cross my design experience with my marketing know-how and I became a Marketing Manager across Australia and New Zealand for a sizeable corporate company, managing a small team of committed and talented individuals.

So, where does PJem Creative fit into all of this?

PJem had been a passion project A.K.A side business of mine for many, many years, however I had never really committed myself to it fully. Early in 2014, I saw a Facebook post that changed my life.

The post was of an article about a young woman entrepreneur that one of my friends had liked. That was when B-School, by Marie Forleo, entered my life. After some research I discovered that B-School was a business school for entrepreneurs wanting to “create a business and life they love”. I took a leap of faith and signed up. It was one of the BEST things I have ever done!

B-School re-ignited my passion for EVERYTHING! But mostly, it re-ignited my passion for PJem Creative. I was introduced to a community of like-minded, passionate and driven entrepreneurs who all wanted to make a positive difference in the world, by doing what they love as a living and providing their services to others in a respectful, helpful and generous way. My eyes were opened to the existence of these wonderful, caring and supportive people and I realised that I too, could contribute to other’s happiness, through the provision of my own talents and skills.

Enter the ReBirth of PJem Creative!

And so here it is, and here you are. Welcome. Come in, take a look around, if you like what you see, sign up to my mailing list so you can enjoy a bit of PJem in your life each week – you know you want to.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for some help and guidance on any of PJem’s services, drop me a line and say hi! I am here to help you succeed.


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