3 Key Elements for Creating Content that Works

Is your content marketing delivering the results you are looking for? If not, it could be that it is missing some crucial elements that make for successful, engaging and effective content.

What exactly is content marketing? In their ‘Creating Content that Sells’ ebook, Marketo sums up the definition of content marketing as:

“the creation and sharing of relevant content for the purpose of solving a problem and reinforcing brand messaging through thought leadership.”

Content at it’s most basic level, is anything you put onto your website or into your promotional material including text, images, and videos. The marketing magic happens when you apply a strategy behind it. Then it becomes powerful and effective content marketing that works.

So what are the three key elements to creating content that works?

Take a look at any successful content marketing and you will find it has incorporated the following three key elements:

1. It is Relevant

2. It is Informative

3. It is Entertaining

You can see a great example of this in the below print ad:

Volkswagon’s target audience are people interested in purchasing a car. Relevant? Tick!

This ad tells the audience of why they should purchase a Volkswagon, because of a nifty new feature that helps them park easily. Informative? Tick!

Rather than the standard shot of a volkswagon parking, they have upped the entertainment value with imagery that makes you think, makes you laugh, and most importantly, delivers the desired message loud and clear. Entertaining? Tick! Tick!

So how do you ensure your content marketing hits the mark?

Simple. Next time you sit down to create your new piece of content, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is it relevant?
Is this content something your ideal target audience will be interested in? Is it appropriate for them? Does it portray the right message and tone your brand is known for? Is it inline with why your target audience want to interact with your brand?

2. Is it informative?
Does the content provide your audience with new information? Does it inform them of a new way of looking or thinking about something?

3. Is it entertaining?
No one wants to read or look at something that is boring. If your content is relative and informative, great. Make it entertaining as well and you get the golden formula for driving engagement with content that really works. Adding some entertainment value to content ensures your target audience does not get bored. The more your audience enjoys their time spent with your brand, the more likely they are to take in the information and to pass it on.

If you can tick yes to all three then hit that publish button because you’re onto a winner baby!

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Happy Content Marketing!



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