Turn Your Facebook News Feed from Annoying to Inspirational in 3 Easy Steps

“I’m sick of all the annoying and boring statuses clogging up my newsfeed! I’m deleting my account!”

“Facebook? *groans* I’m kinda over it. My newsfeed is always full of annoying statuses, baby photos, food photos, and people’s selfies!” … Proceeds to check Facebook between pauses in conversation…

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who is sick of statuses and comments like those above? Status and comments of people complaining about everything they don’t like about facebook, usually on facebook. From people complaining about people complaining, about advertisements, about photos of other peoples babies, about photos of food, about the abundance of selfies and duck faces in their news feeds or about people using “nom-nom-nom” to describe eating… all apparently valid reasons to have a tantrum and close your account. Usually only to open it back up again a month later with a happy I’m back! 🙂

Now, even though my rant above may bear a slight resemblance to a complaint in itself, it is actually setting the scene for what I believe may be a solution to all those who are frustrated by their facebook news feeds.

I believe, just like everything in life, facebook is exactly what you make of it.
I believe that the problems above are firstly a “first world problem”, secondly an absolute shame,
and thirdly – avoidable!

and here is why…

A) First World Problems

Think about the tens of thousands of people who have no way of even accessing the internet, let alone logging into facebook everyday… on the phone… then on the laptop… oh and why not on the tablet too. Around 60% of the global population still do not have access to the internet. No way of accessing the global pool of information that we have available at our fingertips and take for granted every day. With the information available online you could provide an individual with all the education they need, on nearly any topic they desire. Most of us choose to watch cat videos instead.

We are so lucky to live in this digital age where we have things like Facebook, and just as lucky if not more so, to live in a country where you can afford the devices that provide the access, and live under a government that allows this access to happen.

B) An Absolute Shame

Just look back at the cat video comment.
As much as I love a good cat video, facebook can be so much more than a place to share cat videos! I cannot get enough of the educational and inspirational information available online, most of which I have discovered or kept up with by the aid of facebook. Facebook has shown me how to eat healthy by finding Simple Green Smoothies via a friend who shared their 30 Day Green Smoothie challenge. It has helped me be inspired by the success of women like Sarah Jenks who I discovered through Simple Green Smoothies (run by another two amazing and inspiring women, by the way). Sarah Jenks led me to the discovery of Marie Forleo, yet another inspiring and successful woman… the list goes on! I have learned amazing facts about science via the I F#@king Love Science page, I find out about things that matter like human rights and animal welfare via pages like Upworthy and True Activist and I am the first to see any amazing new creative ads or designs by liking numerous pages of creative agencies and creative blogs.

C) Annoying facebook news feeds are AVOIDABLE!

and here are the 3 Easy Steps on how to Turn Your Facebook News Feed from Annoying to Inspirational!

1. When you see things you like, Like them.

I don’t mean when a restaurant you checked in at the day before shows up the next day as a sponsored ad, that you should like it straight away. Think about it.
Consider the type of things you would like to see in your news feed. If you are a foodie and absolutely fell in love with the restaurant that has now just shown up as an ad, and you want to know the second they have a special deal on or change in the menu, then maybe you should like it. If you simply enjoyed a good meal, you don’t need to like the page to find it again, you can simply go back to that check-in to see “what was the name of that restaurant again?”. Don’t like it and add to the clog in your news feed unless you really want to hear from it again.

A Like is giving a page, topic or brand permission to show up in front of you.

2. If you decide you don’t like a page anymore – unlike it. Simple.
If you find a page is continuously annoying you – unlike it. Easy.


3. Annoying friends (we all have them!)

Multiple options exist for dealing with cumbersome friends – maybe you didn’t know and that’s why you keep complaining about seeing them in your news feed… Well guess what? You can “unfollow” a friend without committing the dreaded act of unfriending! Some friends are delightful in person and an absolute drawl online. Or they simply have a different view of what constitutes as interesting than to your view.
Facebook has provided us with some handy options – you can chose to “Unfollow” – see no more posts from selected friend, “I don’t want to see this” – helps facebook work out what post are and are not of interest to you, or “Get notifications” which will show you all post from the selected friend. Immensely helpful options provided by Facebook on the insight that you can have too much of some friends and not enough of others. The best part? Your friend will never know you “unfollowed” them from your feed.



So, I wanted to put it out there – that there is a way to turn Facebook into the wonderful tool it is capable of being. A place where you can stay in touch with loved ones easily, in real-time and for free, be inspired by love, moved to action by tragedy, awed by innovations in science, flawed by the beauty of talented photographers and artist… the possibilities of what you can be exposed to each time you look at your news feed are limited only by you!

Happy ‘Like’-ing!


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