Effective Marketing. Beautiful Design. Why not have both?

Content that is pleasing to the eye, a joy to look upon, and easy to read is going to communicate it’s message much more effectively don’t you think? Effective visual communication gets the marketing message across quickly, clearly and simply.
This is what PJem Creative delivers through the creation of beautiful design, wrapped in purposeful strategy. And vice versa.

With a powerful combination of extensive experience in both Graphic Design and Marketing, PJem Creative understands the importance of design that works. Design that delivers your message and triggers the desired action in your target audience.

PJem Creative exists to help you take your business dreams, goals, and desires to the next level.



Beautiful design wrapped in purposeful strategies that ignite results. Design for print, websites, branding, and more…


Don’t let your beautiful content go unnoticed. Add some marketing sparkle to increase effectiveness and drive results…


Get ideas out of your head, onto paper and put into action with guided brain storming and more…



Business by design is our business.

Design is often an overlooked all-important aspect of a successful, brand, business or product. Good design provides warm fuzzy feelings like “I like this” and “I trust this” in your target audience. It has been proven time and time again to lead to increased conversions and decreased bounce rates on websites, increased brand trust, and an overall love of your brand that inspires strong brand loyalty and even leads to brand advocacy.

PJem Creative design service crosses over a range of areas including:

  • Design Consultation
  • Design for Print
  • Digital Design
  • Website Design
  • Design for Social Media
  • Branding

… and more!

Whether you have an existing design you want refreshed, a vision of a design not yet made, or no idea whatsoever but you have something that absolutely requires a designers touch, PJem Creative can help. Be it a website, branding, printed or digital materials, or even custom illustration, get in touch to discuss how we can help move your project forward through exceptional design that effectively communicates your message and ignites all those warm fuzzies in your clients!





Marketing Made Simple with PJem Creative

Do you need some guidance in getting your product, service or brand into the heads, hearts and hands of the right customers? PJem Creative can help you develop and implement a solid marketing strategy that will attract new customers and build strong, lasting relationships.

PJem Creative Marketing services including:

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Calendars
  • Identifying Target Audiences
  • Marketing Campaigns
    – Social Media
    – Digital
    – Direct
    – BIG Ideas
  • Project Management
  • Implementation

… and more!

Marketing is not just about promotion and advertising, it is about making sure you put the right message out, through the right channels, at the right time, and to the right people.

Whether you need help with your market research, guidance in putting together a marketing plan or calendar, aid in implementation and project management, or help in identifying your ideal target audience and how to reach them effectively, get in touch today to start down the path to marketing success!




Ideas to Action

Dreams Made Flesh…

Do you have a fantastic idea that you just don’t know how to materialise? A niggling idea that just won’t go away, but you can tell it’s trying to get out and be part of the world? An idea that is persistent in it’s desire to become more than just thought? To become tangible action, a dream made flesh?…

You just don’t know where to start. The thought of moving forward feels like moving with your legs buried knee-deep in mud. There are so many things to consider and so many seemingly impossible task to perform to make your dream happen that every time you start, you shortly stop. Unsure, disenchanted and down-right cranky.

Well – you’ve come to the right place! I have a deep passion for the ideation process. Gently coaching ideas out of the safe confines of the mind and onto paper. Providing them with an action plan and implementation path, breathing life into them until they become a full-blown realised and successful result!

PJem Creative ideation process includes:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Creative problem solving
  • Action plan development
  • Implementation
    …and more!

If you are ready to release your ideas into the world AND to implement them, contact me now for a free, no obligation consultation call.




Featured Work:
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  • Design
Corporate rebrand for Medtel including new branding, launch event and new website.
Corporate rebranding project designed to update Medtel with the creation and application of modern branding - Medtel’s first re-brand ever.
Logo Design and Brand Application including website design, photography and social media marketing.
Logo designed to reflect the industrial tone of the name Drumworx. The logo was then applied to various branding including the new website, embroidered t-shirts and social media marketing. PJem Creative is the event photographer and social media manager for Drumworx.
Product Design and marketing including design for print, clothes, stickers and other promotional materials.
Product and Promotional design for DrummingMad's innovative, unique and educational drumming products including books and practice pads. Both products and marketing materials are designed to stand out among competing products, entice beginners and to make learning easy and fun! Promotional and marketing materials include print ads fun in music festival programs and industry specific magazines, flyers, stickers and promo cards, and clothing.
Brand strategy and application including logo and website design.
Brand strategy and application including concept development and design of new logo and website. Development and implantation of marketing strategies and social media campaigns.
Event marketing including posters, banners, programs and flyers.
Design for Manly Warringah Pipe Band event marketing materials including posters, banners, programs and flyers.
Launch new branding and product range with the aim of building awareness and trust.
The objective of the Allegra project was to launch the new branding and product range with the aim of building awareness and trust around the new image within the industry.
Campaign to increase awareness among B2B and B2C target markets for SopranoSHR Laser Hair Removal system and treatment.
In a saturated beauty and cosmetic treatment industry, the SopranoSHR Laser Hair Removal system needed a stella awareness campaign to make it stand out in the crowd. The 'Rose without Thorns' campaign was created to strategically place the SopranoSHR as a treatment that effectively provided the beauty without the pain - a rose without thorns.
Bespoke illustration and layout design of book cover and launch promotional materials
A unique book illustration was commissioned for the cover of a unique collection of bagpipe tunes, written by a Scotsman, Englishman, New Zealander and an Australian. The illustration appeared both on the cover of the book and on the book launch promotional materials.
Caricature of Heath Ledger using coloured pencils on paper
Caricature of Heath Ledger using coloured pencils on paper.
Vector illustration used to create a unique and versatile logo
DJ Garry required a custom logo design that would be versatile enough for both print and web. Vector illustration was used to create the logo design, enabling it to be resized easily and give it the versatility of use that DJ Garry required.
DrummingMad Night of Maddness and Mayhem - Promotional event aimed at increasing brand engagement and brand awareness at the same time.
Strategic brand engagement is an important and effective marketing tool to ensure your brand is attracting and retaining loyal and loving customers. The DrummingMad Night of Maddness and Mayhem was a promotional event aimed at increasing brand engagement and brand awareness at the same time.
Custom logo design for a medical health records database
Custom logo design for a medical health records database system designed to put health records back in the patient's hands.
The Beachside Highland Dancers required a new logo that effectively reflected both their local area and their Scottish roots.
As a brand new Highland Dancing School, the Beachside Highland Dancers wanted a new logo that effectively reflected both their local area and their Scottish roots. The logo needed to help them stand apart from other highland dancing schools across Australia and reflect their modern, fun take on a traditional practice.
Pet portrait of a young labrador puppy, created using coloured pencils on paper.
Pet portrait of a young labrador puppy, created using coloured pencils on paper.
Watercolour fashion illustrations used to create stamp design concepts to celebrate Australian Fashion.
Beautiful fashion illustrations of signature pieces by Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti, illustrated using watercolour paints on watercolour paper. The artworks were then scanned and turned into postage stamp concept designs to celebrate Australian Fashion achievements.
Vector illustrations of custom emoticon character designs
Vector illustrations of custom emoticon character designs.
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